The RUATECH Solution

At RuaTech we are enhancing the natural immune supportive effects of milk to provide protection against human pathogens through our immune milk platform,

RuaTech is designing a range of immune milk based consumer products to give you confidence whenever you are in high risk situations. The products will be for oral consumption as a beverage or chewable and block adsorption or exhalation of target pathogens.

Key points of difference

• Products would complement conventional vaccines

• Immediate protection

• Production readily scalable and inexpensive

The Immune Milk Platform

Designed antigens for targeted human pathogens are used to generate specific antibodies in dairy cows for production of immune milk. Immune milk is formulated into consumer products with protective effects against the target pathogen

Products under development

RuaTech aims to provide an alternative form of immune support and protection against COVID-19. 

The immune milk platform is adaptable to many viral and microbial pathogens, but our initial target is SARS-CoV-2 for protection against COVID-19.  Immune milk powder will be formulated into consumer products for discretionary use by the individual